Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has a population of around 300,000. Like Slovenia generally, it suffers from a critical lack of faithful gospel witness. Evangelical believers are a tiny minority (0.03%). Living in Ljubljana, Kingsley is the Assistant Minister to Peter Novak in the REC. Kingsley and Veronica serve at church, work with young people and seek to evangelise Slovenes.


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Shin-Urayasu is a planned town built on reclaimed land about 20 minutes from Tokyo. It has a population of about 40,000. Until the earthquake in 2011 it was seen by Japanese people as one of the most attractive places to live. People are wealthy, well educated, and ambitious, both for themselves and their children.  MTW is the mission organisation for the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and focuses primarily on church planting, and ministries supporting it. Karen participates in activities to connect with the community, evangelistic Bible studies, and other evangelism activities – particularly with women and children. Through these activities, Karen seeks to share the gospel and help plant a church in Shin-Urayasu.


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Amman is the capital of Jordan, which is bounded by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the West Bank and Israel. Malcolm is the Pastor of the International Anglican Congregation that meets at the Church of the Redeemer. Charissa is continuing to settle the family into life in Jordan and getting involved in ministry through the church.


After faithfully serving the Lord in Chile, the Shead family have returned for ministry in Sydney in 2016.




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Peter and Lee Caspersonn are members of HEAC, who retired from school teaching and moved to Hay in April 2011. They went to Hay to help the local lay parish leaders as BCA Co-Workers, particularly in the areas of school scripture and leading bible study groups. St Paul’s Anglican Church Hay has been without an ordained minister for more than five years. The parish also contains churches in the villages of Carrathool, Booligal and Oxley. Every year a team from EAC heads to Hay for a week of mission.


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Nungalinya College, in Darwin, trains Indigenous men and women for Christian discipleship, ministry roles and church and community leadership. Wayne is the host and caretaker at Nungalinya College and assists the Student Services Coordinator in dealing with students’ health and medical issues. Mandy is teaching Cert III Theology courses, including Working with Youth and Discipleship & Faith Sharing. She is also the Cross Cultural Awareness Coordinator, running courses about Aboriginal history, kinship and communication.


Paraburdoo and Tom Price are nestled in the beautiful Hamersley Ranges. These areas are rich in iron ore. As a result both towns are built around mining. In Paraburdoo, every resident is connected with the mine in one way or another. Tom Price is a larger and older town and has other industries. It is the gateway to the Karijini National Park. This stunning system of gorges attracts a continuous flow of tourists throughout the winter season. Both towns are young and multicultural. The average age of both towns is under ten, giving an energetic feel to the area.


Pat and Jenny serve at Bundarra Anglican Church, with Pat preaching, and Jenny and Pat seeking to encourage the local congregation and community through Bible studies and building connections. Bundarra is on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, and is part of the Armidale Diocese of the Anglican Church. The population is somewhere between 300 and 400.