God loves kids and so do we! As a church, we consider it a great privilege to work alongside parents as their raise their children to love God. We love to see kids having fun as they learn about Jesus. All our volunteers have undertaken Safe Ministry Training


9:00am is our primary Family service with a large kids program. 10:45am and 9:30am (HAC) also have kids programs!



During the week, we have programs for kids of all ages running at Engadine, with Kids Plus also running at Heathcote. No booking is required, just come along and try it out!


  • PLAYTIME Thur 9:45-11:45am Fun and relaxed play, with parents and carers.
  • MINI MUSIC Fri 10-11am  Structured music and movement, with parents and carers.


  • GFS Tue 7 - 8:30pm   Encouraging night for girls.
  • GORILLAS Thur 6:30 - 8pm   Very active night for boys.
  • KIDS PLUS (Engadine) Fri 3:30 - 5pm   After school club.
  • KIDS PLUS (Heathcote) Fri 3:30 - 5pm   After school club.


  • SRE (Special Religious Education)  Our SRE Coordinator Michelle Mellows oversees a wonderful team of teachers in our 7 local schools: Engadine Central, Engadine West, Heathcote, Heathcote East, Marton, Yarrawarrah, Waterfall.
  • SUPA CLUB (Heathcote Primary School, Friday lunchtime)   A time of Bible talk, games and activities.
  • KIDS HOPE   We love being part of this mentoring program, which supports Australian children (and their families) needing extra care.